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Project name: Vue Aston
Venue: Near Australia’s Embassy
Date: 17th October 2020
Time: 10am to 8pm

There are 4 types of promotion

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Terms & conditions

Promotion 1

For every $ you pu in as downpayment, Vue Aston will just double your first investment.

This payment only concernes the booking fees.
The booking fee is not refundable
The double booking fee promotion does not apply to Loan Option. 
The maximum booking fee is set to $5,000.
The $5,000 booking fee only applied to the 2-bedroom units and upward.

Promotion 2

1st price: a motorbike (price range: $2500-$3000)
2nd price: a phone ( price range is $1000)
3rd price: TV, washing machine, and fridge (price range: 300-500$)

Plus more prices

Promotion 3

Discount up to 20% base on payment options
* Terms & Conditions apply !!!