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We’re here for you. Whether it is finding that perfect property, negotiating on your behalf or even taking care of all those pesky details like paperwork – our team will be there every step along the way! We have 10+ years experience in real estate and know how to get things done quickly so they don’t pile up around you

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Forest Harmony

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout. T

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Mss Sana - Brand ambassador

valley harmony kampot

Century 21 Apex property is proud to be the exclusive agent for the Harmony Valley Project in Kep. A multi-purpose holiday project, on the outskirt of Kampot City, featuring an eco-friendly village around a Golf Course and surrounded by lush green hills. 

appreciating interior design

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but valuing the aesthetic of a property is actually common sense, when it creates a homey feeling for everyone    

Understanding home buyer experience

Choosing a home, selecting a district, evaluating its future potential is no easy process, but Century 21 Apex Property is here is help

remaining always available

Because it is important for you to be able to ask questions (almost) anytime, we make a point of being available 7 days a week

fall in love with our services

Real time updated listing

We are updating our database on a weekly basis, to insure visitors they are seeing actual properties on the market

Multilingual staff

Most of our staff is bilingual, or sometimes trilingual, with Khmer, English, Chinese. Others speak French and Spanish

Amazingly responsive

Our workflow allows us to be extremely responsive with a team of professionals working around the clock. Each task is carefully dispatched to the right staff

Community builder

When we sell a property, we aim to ensure that the neighborhood will benefit from this new arrival, by creating a real sens e of community